Why Hire Me


When you hire me, you get a "Photographer" versus just "Photographs".

It is my Style, Personality, Vision and Passion that will show in your images. When an assignment is given to me, I carefully plan for every detail at every step, to bring it to a successful fruition. It does not matter to me how small or big is the assignment. I work with the same passion and commitment on every job. In the end you are not getting a bunch of pictures, you are getting a part of me, my style and personality. 



In case of Stage Performances like the Arangetram, I coordinate with the Stage Manager right from the dress rehearsal to provide my expert advice regarding the lighting and other stage intricacies to make sure the event day goes like a breeze.  I come 2 hours ahead of commencement, so I can take the backstage moments and every little detail that is often never captured. During the Arangetram, I am capturing every step, every move and never missing the crucial moment. After the performance, I stick around to get the formal shots.

"Uday is an exceptional photographer and person. He is reliable and dedicated to his art. His pleasant demeanor and professionalism make the whole Arangetram process so much easier. He works with the student, parents, and guru to make sure that their photography needs are more than met. He has taken pictures for all of my students' Arangetrams and I have consistently seen beautiful results. If you give him a project you will never need to worry about the quality of his work. He is always prompt and willing to make your ideas a reality. Uday is not a passive photographer. He will always give suggestions to make each session more productive and creative. Uday captures beautiful pictures that you can enjoy forever."

 - Shalini Varghese, Bharatanatyam Guru(teacher), Arathi School of Dance, Dallas, USA

"I had the pleasure to work with Uday Khambadkone for providing us with the photography services for my daughter’s Arangetram. He is the most professional and friendly photographer I have ever worked with. He was able to capture many memories of our special day with stunning images that really conveyed subtle differences in textures and colors. Best of all he created a package deal according to our needs. He works with a great passion and puts in a lot of effort and time. I could not believe it when he showed up on our rehearsal day to become familiar with various dance sequences. It was a wonderful experience working with such a talented photographer."

 - Ritu Pabla, Neha's Mom, Dallas, USA



When working for a cause on an Non-Government/Non-Profit Organization. I make your cause, my cause and bring total justice to the story. Not only do I cover the story with passion but utmost care for sensitive subjects.

“Your photographs portray our children’s story that is often missed. Most people equate Autism and Cerebral Palsy as a sad and tragic story and never look at them other than sympathy. You have brought a human side to this story from your pictures. These kids miss you, hope to see you soon.”

 - Irma Martnez, Founder and Director of Fundacion Integrar, Quito, Ecuador

 talking about the foundation kids. Fundacion Integrar is a non profit organization based in Quito, Ecuador. This organization provides therapy and day care for kids with mental disabilities like Autism, Cerebral Palsy & Down Syndrome.

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